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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reviews On "#IAm16ICanRape"

Review Point: 4 out 5
Authoress: Kirtida Gautam
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 978-81-931360-2-7
Pages: 592

About The Book:
Aarush is a handsome teenager and grandson of billionaire Rudransh Kashyap. Rudransh owes a coaching center for IIT preparation. He has Arush, Gayatri his wife, Ananya his daughter in low, Mrigank his son and Navya his granddaughter in his family. Besides, Pihu is also an important part of their family. Mrigank with his wife and daughter Ananya lives in USA and Arush is grown under the look after of Gayatri. Aarush is possessive and extreme sharp with his mind. He is accused of rape of Shubhangi Tyagi who at Bangaluru is a software engineer of 25. Rudransh is the man of his words so he with lawyer Meghana tries best to reveal the truth. Will they be able to save Aarush? Who is telling lie? Either Aarush or Shubhangi? How pihu plays a role of mysterious person? What step will Rudransh take to let the victim have right judgement? Will a change in government rules and Indian constitution take place? To give your curiosity a platform, go through this amazing book #IAm16ICanRape.

Strength Of The Book:
Incredible platform is chosen which is slightly avoided by common people. As being a women, it is very hard for her to talk about rape and all. But authoress has done her work in best way. She has not only given light to the juvenile crime but also evinced the effect of a rape on both families and surroundings. To depict the emotions and thinking of each character of story specially when there are many is really a difficult task but authoress has given equal importance to all the mentioned characters and showed their emotions in a beautiful way. Book is written in the prospectus of both male as well as female. Many of topics which included in this story such as juvenile factor, freedom of women, our constitution, government rules, respect of a woman, are crafted perfectly. Book doesn't make readers bore at all. To keep the readers away from confusion between characters, these are properly segmented into chapters. Narration is admirable. All points are stated in straight forward way. To keep readers engaged with the new terms, appendix is also given.

Few Lines From the Book Are:

I want to sound like a sissy, but I miss my pillow and my bed. I don't claim to understand love. Love is not a regular emotion of my system. They say if you love someone, you can give you life for that person. I can't give my life for anybody. Does that mean I don't love anybody?
- (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
People should either think or not think, but they should not think they think when they postulate.
- (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
When I use the word stupid, I mean a person who is an emotional fool. When I use the word idiot, I mean a person who is low in intelligence. I use a self-invented word, stupidiot, for a person who is both stupid and an idiot.
                            - (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
I am too valuable to be forgotten.
                            - (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
Human gather knowledge about their environment by two distinct methods-firstly, through their five senses, and secondly, through their minds. The person who gathers most of his knowledge using one of his senses is called a sensory type person. The person who gathers most of his knowledge using his mind is called an intuitive type person.
                                     -(Samvedana, They psychologist)
In transactional analysis, a winner is a person who responds authentically, by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of society. Yes, he is not winner. He plays his game in such a way that no matter what you do, you can't win against him. Because, first, he doesn't play to win, he play so that other people lose.
-(Samvedana, They psychologist)

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Weakness Of The Book:
Though depiction is good but when it comes to victim part (Shubhangi Tyagi), author fails to express her pain and emotions very well. Shubhangi Tyagi is the most sensitive character so it had to be described as well. Harry and Shrini characters are described too much unnecessarily which make story diverted from the theme. Vijay (the second accused of rape case) character is also limited. When describing one from the same box, other must not be neglected. Besides Ananya (mother of Aarush) is presented as only one sided, her second face with her son could me more descriptive. Ending of the book somehow disappoints readers with the conveyed message. Besides, Vaishnavi character was not needed anymore. Grammatical errors and typos also appear on many pages. 

When everyone is afraid of talking about a heart aching topic rape, Authoress Kirtida Gautam presents an interesting book on this topic. Based on the Nirbhaya Rape Case, Delhi, this story holds the breath of readers. Full of suspense and penetrating emotions, this book is an unforgettable ride. It is about "When it comes about physical, a boy of 15 is equal to a man of 25 . He gets this capability at the age of 12 or 13, so why to make him free to do anything (even rape too) till he ceases 18." Holding much avoided word "rape" in the title, this book deals with the psychology and mental state of teen agers as well as elder people before and after a rape case of their beloved. Striking on narrow and conservative thinking of women, this book leaves readers with many questions such as "amendment in constitution, "women's hesitation and fear to come forward after being raped, their support to other women, juvenile age, freedom of all women and teenager boys".

Reviewing Point:
4 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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