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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

थोड़ा मुस्कुरा दो ना

क्यूँ शांत से बैठे हो आज
थोड़ा मुस्कुरा दो ना
दिन भर की थकान से टूट गया है ये बदन
ये थकान मिटा दो ना
अक्सर होते हैं तुम्हारी खामोशियों में किस्से हज़ार
मुझे आज वो किस्से दो चार सुना दो ना
ऐसा सन्नाटा पहले कभी दरमियान नहीं रहा
अपनी फिर से वो आवाज़ सुना दो ना
मुहब्बत नहीं होती किसी फ़कीर की दुआ की मोहताज़
तुमसे ही सीखा है मैंने
की तुम खिलखिला के हँस पड़ो फिर से
मुझे ये अंदाज़ सीखा दो ना
गज़ब का फासला आ खड़ा हुआ है दो पल के दौरान
नज़दीकियाँ कैसे होती हैं मेहरबान सीखा दो ना
आज दोस्तों में कुछ जिक्र सा हुआ था तुम्हारा
मैं सहसहा खिलखिला पड़ा था लाज से
तुमने बिताया कैसे दिन मेरे बगैर
चंद लब्ज़ों में ये बात बता दो ना
क्यूँ शांत से बैठे हो आज
थोड़ा मुस्कुरा दो ना
- कमल पनेरू

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Main aur Pitaji

Ek hi ghar me hain, magar alag alag kamro mein
Main aur pitaji

Khyal bahut aate hain mann me, magar aksar chup hi rehte hain
Main aur pitaji

Diwar ki ek ore main khada hu
Aur dusri ore khade hain pitaji

Jab bhi milte hain ghar me to nazrein bachate hain
Main aur pitaji

Sath hain magar fir bhi door lagte hain
Main aur pitaji

Kal kisi baat par kuch behes hui fir khamosh ho gaye
Main aur pitaji

Baat karne ko kadam to aage badte hain
Magar hotho ko see lete hain
Main aur pitaji

Kabhi bewajah bhi muskura lete the
Aaj baat karne ki wajah hone par bhi khamosh hain
Main aur pitaji

Ek ore jarjar badan hai, ek ore nayi jawani
Yahi hain main aur pitaji

Kal Diwali thi, magar diye nahi dil jala rahe the
Main aur pitaji

Sannato se bhari rehti hai mere ghar ki almariya
Baat hi nahi karte hain main aur pitaji

Thak gya hai shareer fir bhi sham ki shair pe jate hain
Main aur pitaji

Nahi pasand unhe nayi filmein dekhna
Fir bhi sath baith kar waqt bitate hain
Main aur pitaji

Wo purane radio me magan hain aur main naye laptop me
Aise hi jeete hain main aur pitaji

Kabhi pair nahi chhuta main unke
Fir bhi aashirwad diya karte hain
Kuch aise hi hain main aur pita ji

Bimar hote hain to dawai bagal me rakh deta hu
Meri chhoti si chot pe marham bhi lagate hain
Kuch aise hi hain main aur pitaji

Main unki ore rukh bhi nahi karta
Mujhe sota dekhne kamre tak aate hain
Kuch aise hi hain main aur pitaji

Nahi hain wo rubaroo is mobile aur computer ki duniya se
Fir bhi aksar in par bhi baat kar lia karte hain
Main aur pitaji

Main nayi tasveero me magan rehta hu
Wo purani album niharte hain
Kuch aise hi waqt bitate hain main aur pitaji

Puri umr gaav me chhote se ghar me bitayi
Mujhe shehro ke school me padaya
Ab vicharo me matbhed rakhte hain
Main aur pitaji

Bahut akela mehsoos karte hain ghar me
Din bhar baat hi jo nahi karte
Main aur pitaji

Hafto ho jate hain hme ek dusre se baat kiye
Holi me bhi gale nahi milte hain
Main aur pitaji

Bhale hi hum dono apni dunia me magan ho
Magar dosto me ek dusre ki tariff jarur kiya karte hain
Main aur pitaji

Baat karne ko jab nahi hoti kuch
To maa ki tasveer ke aage khade ho jate hain
Main aur pitaji

- Kamal Paneru

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Yaadon Ka Daakiya

Kal tumhari yaad ka daakiya aya tha ghar pe
ek chitthi thi uske hath me
wahi dhundhla peela sa kagaz
jispe kabhi likha tha pyar tumne
peepal ke sookhe patte samaan
bikhar gayi main tumhari soch tale
fir khusi ka ek aansu chhalak aya
maine dekha usme, tumhara aksh nazar aa rha tha
tumhari muskaan mere hotho pe baith gayi thi
maine dunia se nazar chura k aaine ko takaa tha fir
apni aankho me tumhari aankho ko dekh rahi thi
tumhara wo itminan se mujhe niharna bahut yad aya
tumhari chhuan si mehsoos hone lagi thi mujhe
kuch waqt aisa hi bitaya tha humne sath me
fir kiya solah shringar maine
socha ki tum mann ki aankho se jarur dekh loge mujhe
dil khush tha bahut
hatho me choori aur sindoor bhi lagaya tha sar pe
kal tumhari yaad ka daakiya aya tha ghar pe

 - (c) Kamal Paneru

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Road Accident: A Terrifying Journey

I was traveling to Nainital from Delhi, a journey of 300 km. I took my bus from Anand Vihar bus stand and boarded on at 8:00 p.m. Fog was too dense in the nearby area, hence driver to prevent any trouble to passengers was driving the bus quite slowly. All passengers were packed under their blankets and the warmness of AC. Things were going quite well until that moment. It was, I think, Kashipur area, a border of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It was 1:00 a.m. at night and the road was clear, I could see twinkling lights at horizon. To save the time, driver sped up the bus without letting passenger disturbed. I with ear buds enjoying movie on mobile, my eyes were turning sleepy. Two bicycles were crawling on road and our bus was to overtake that. And yes! We did it. Then, a thing happened which I had not expected. A Mahindra Bolero overtook our bus in speed at stopped at the mid of road with roaring of tires, so did our bus. A Punjabi person came out of driver seat of that Bolero and started to seek something under his seat after opening the door. He took out a Kirpan and approached our bus with running feet. He with full of his power hit that weapon on the front glasses of our bus, in no second glass broke and scattered into thousands of small pieces, he then, even after resist by driver, broke all window glasses one by one and abused driver a lot. I was stunned on it, everybody woke up with that noise, we were trapped there. He also fused the headlights of our bus and then ran away. There was no light on the road so it was quite difficult for driver to drive in such darkness, then two of passengers took out their big torch and set next to driver to show the path, with speed less than 20 km we reached the police station after 2 hours and filed a complaint against that person stating his vehicle number.
-- Kamal Paneru

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Reviews on "Another Tale of Two Cities"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Author: Ezhuth Aani
Publisher: Inspire India
Genre: Fiction/Historical
ISBN: 978-93-85783-86-9
Page Count: 303
Edition: First, 2016

Story is knitted in the historical plot of 15th century. Adithya a messenger of Angkor empire is on a mission to find a person who can save the dynasty. Travelling thousands of kilometres, he reaches dense forests of China where he meets Gnani, who is known to all past and present of all dynasties. Here, Adithya also meets his daughter Mandagini and feels love for her. Getting permission from him, he continues to his journey and comes to know more about Buddhism. On the other hand, Mahendra another warrior from Angkor trapped into empire of Hongxi Emperor is compelled to conceive with queen. Will Mahendra be able to escape from the place? Is there any link between Mahendra and Adithya? What's hidden in the hills and forests of South India and Sri Lanka? Will they be able to save their dynasty? How will Gnani help them? To know, go through the Another Tale of Two Cities.

Strength of the Book
Amazing plot is set with well-defined terminology. Story from the very first page covers the interest of readers and rises their beat with journey of Adithya. A deep knowledge of Buddhism is included which drags the attention of readers toward the religion. Character justification impacts the narration. The unique way of present things is added which makes author a distinguished narrator. Not only Buddhism but also dynasties of 15th centuries are depicted in quite detail which let the readers to have glance of history in a beautiful manner. It seems author has researched the topics well and focused on Angkor after perfect matter of study. Revealing each and everything and beautifying the places and characters is unbeatable.

Weakness of the Book
At mid of first and second part, story leaves the interest. Scenario of Hongxi Emperor and situation of Mahendra there seems quite illogical. At the very beginning, it does not seem that the things are going on in past.

It is hard to find a book which is actually in other language and then comes in other language with this amazing taste. Amazing translation (Prof Parvati Vasudev and Mr Anandan Kasinathan) is done for this book. Author has put his best to create the scenario in reality. This could be more if not included the love scenario with the taste of Mandagini. The way author has included things step-by-step makes the novel theme strong with each page turn. There are only few writers in India (i.e. Anand Neelkanthan, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Shreyas Bhave) who make a space for themselves with their writing and here Author Ezhuth (Ananthakumarasamy Ramanathan) has made milestone of his name. Holding a world inside, this book shows the maturity level of writing of any author. Besides, I personally believe that to write such books is the biggest challenge.

Review by -
Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, November 24, 2016


जब से देश में नोट जाली हो गये !
मेरे शहर में अमीरों के मकान खाली  गये !!
रुतबा था जिनका दुनिया में हर चौखट पर 
आज वही कुछ चोर तो कुछ मवाली हो गये !!

तिनके तिनके को भटक रहे अब अपना ही जनाज़ा ले कर 
इज़्ज़त वाले लोग समाज़ में अब एक गाली हो गये !!
बढ़ रही है दिलों की धड़कन तेज़ रफ़्तार से 
सर्वगुण संपन्न भी एक टूटी डाली हो गये !!

ये कैसी शब है हर जगह मायूसी 
वो लोग और थे जो किन्नरों की ताली हो गये !!
सुन्न से पड़े हैं अब चुपचाप घर के किसी कोने में 
चंद लम्हो में सब एक गरीब की थाली हो गये !!

जो सुना करते थे संगीत को पैमाने में उतार कर
वो आज महफ़िलों में बस एक क़व्वाली हो गये !!
ना पूछ मुझसे कमल तू गरीबी का आलम 
महलों में रहने वाले तो अब रुदाली हो गये !!

- कमल पनेरू